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Abstract Art Chinese Flower Plum Blossom Feng Shui Oil Painting

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Please allow 3 weeks for painting and shipping.
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Asian Painting Abstract Art Hand Painted Oil Painting

Original Hand painted, oil on canvas.  Asian Paintings: Asain paintings do not strive to create realistic representations. Asian Painting simplifies or exaggerates color, shape, and form, to attach emotion or other meaning.
Asian Painting brings feng shui luck and are full of the Chi energy which intensifies good fortune. All our Asian Paintings are hand painted by Master Yang, meticulously created to capture the beauty of the painting.

Asian Painting Abstract Art Hand Painted Oil Painting

Total 60in x 24in. (152cm x 61cm). Center Panel 36 inches x 24 inches. Side panels 12in x 24in each.

Framed/Ready to hang 

We can paint any painting in any size. Please email us your requirements.

The pictures shown are of the original painting. Your painting will be a custom made reproduction of the original. Please allow 3 weeks for painting and shipping.

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