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Calligraphy Paintings

Chinese Calligraphy Painting: The Chinese calligraphy system uses symbols to represent words similar to Egyptian Hieroglyphics. There are no letters as in the traditional Western writing forms.  Chinese calligraphy has been in use for over 5000 years and continues to this day. Calligraphy, pronounced “Shu Fa” in Chinese, literally means “the way of writing”. Our Chinese calligraphy paintings are all hand painted by Feng Shui Master Yang.

Although it uses words, Chinese calligraphy painting, is an abstract art. In ancient China, calligraphy paintings were the most highly appreciated art form. Chinese Calligraphy painting was thought to be the highest and the most refined form of East Asian painting. Original Chinese calligraphy painting by famous calligraphers, have been greatly valued throughout China's history.  The traditional tools for Chinese calligraphy paintings are the brush, made of animal hair, black inks, made from pine soot, and silk canvas or rice paper. The finished Chinese calligraphy paintings in ancient China were mounted on scrolls.