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Chinese Landscapes

    Chinese landscape painting is considered abstract or impressionistic. They use blurred lines and colors to give the impression of the landscape. The most commonly used theme is water, including waterfalls, canyons and gorges. Ancient Chinese landscape paintings were painted using traditional Chinese ink and brush techniques. Painted on rice paper with silk thread boarders, the Chinese landscape paintings were often mounted using a wood scroll.

     The Chinese landscape painting is often said to capture the “poetry in nature” with the use of abstract imagery. The traditional Chinese landscape paintings are not portraits of the landscape but a composite of many elements of nature that invite the imagination to wander through the landscape.  The first landscape paintings of Europe emerged after the 17th century, leading many scholars to believe that the first landscape paintings in the world originated in China.

     Our Chinese landscape painting uses traditional brush painting techniques with the modern materials of oil and canvas. This gives our Chinese landscape painting a truly unique look. Our paintings use blurred lines, contours disappearing into the mist, and impressionistic forms. Emphasis is placed on the spiritual qualities of the painting and on the inner harmony of man and nature.