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Lucky Goddess page 2

Feng Shui Luck:According to ancient Feng Shui texts, there are three types of Feng Shui Luck - Tien, Ti and Ren.

Tien or Heaven Feng Shui Luck: This is based on the time and place of your birth. This form of Luck Feng Shui can not be altered or influenced by the individual or anyone else. You simply cannot change the time and place of your birth, the family you were born into or your early life circumstances.

Ti the Earth Feng Shui Luck:  This is the level where Feng Shui Luck practices can help strengthen your luck and attract positive luck energies into your life. By using Feng Shui Luck to work with your immediate environment, you can considerably change your fortunes for the better and prevent bad luck.

Ren the Mankind Feng Shui Luck: This is the Feng Shui Luck you make by your own efforts.  This area of Feng Shui Luck can be influenced by learning, networking, investing. It is the luck you create by good work, strong focus and smart decisions.

Please select one of our Feng Shui paintings below to begin attracting positive energy into your home and office.

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