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Gustav Klimt Paintings

Gustav Klimt's Paintings Hand painted reproductions, museum quality, oil on canvas

Gustav Klimt’s paintings movement, Secession Art Nouveau, began in Austria, he was president of the movement from 1897-1905. Gustav Klimt’s painting, the Kiss, is the most famous example of the movement. Gustav Klimt’s early paintings consisted primarily of large murals for public facilities. Traditional canvas paintings were uncommon for Gustav Klimt’s work. He primarily painted murals.

After 1898, Klimt's paintings moved toward greater innovation, taking on a decorative, symbolic aspect. Gustav Klimt’s painting was very ornamental, as can be seen in Klimt’s paintings Fulfillment, and the Kiss. Gold and silver are prominently displayed in Gustav Klimt’s paintings. Most of Gustav Klimt’s works were considered scandalous at the time, because they were erotic, sexual and contained nudes. Klimt's best-known paintings are his later portraits, such as Adele Bloch-Bauer that recently sold for $135 million.