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Master Yang

Master Yang has been painting for about 20 years. He started painting Feng Shui watercolor paintings in his home province of Guan Xi, in southern China.  He learned how to paint from the master artists in his village. Guan Xi province is famous for its landscape artists. Since that time he began to develop his signature style, using ancient watercolor painting techniques to produce oil paintings, giving his art the unique look and texture.

Master Yang has studied and practices Feng Shui for over 20 years and is considered a Feng Shui Mastert in his home of Guan Xi, China. His knowledge of Feng Shui brings a unique dimension to his paintings. Bringing together the two worlds of ancient Chinese art and Feng Shui.

Master Yang specializes in Zen art, Buddha paintings, Koi fish art, bamboo paintings, and plum blossoms paintings. Each oil painting is signed by the artist on the back of the canvas.

His oil painting style is "Abstract Minimalism", a modern twist on the ancient Chinese watercolor paintings. Master Yang was raised in the Buddhist tradition and trained in classical Chinese and Tibetan abstract oil painting styles. His original works are held by private and corporate collections around the world.

Master Wang

Originally from the island of Hai Nan, at an early age, Master Wang started with learning poetry and calligraphy. This gave him a good grounding in Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy for his future artistic achievement. He studies under many famous Chinese masters to perfect his skill and versatility.

He studied traditional Chinese watercolor style and ink brushwork, he developed the ability to move between these techniques with complete mastery. In the late 90’s he traveled to DunHuang where he studied traditional coloration and line drawing methods, being particularly moved by the grand scale and complex layout of the high Tang style. The sumptuous splendor of high Tang art inspired him with the desire to create great art.

Nowadays his animal oil paintings are widely circulated and highly appreciated in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, France, United States and other countries around the world.