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Original Hand Painted Feng Shui Paintings.   About Feng Shui Home Decor    Wholesale Site

Feng Shui home decor abstract art oil paintings. Our Feng Shui oil paintings bring harmony and fortune by harnessing the life energy of "Chi. Our Feng Shui Oil Paintings are unique, abstract artworks, hand painted by Chinese artists. Feng Shui paintings bring success into your home and office. 

Feng Shui Painting Koi Painting Chinese Fish Painting

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Feng Shui Painting, Koi Fish painting Hand Painted oil on canvas, unframed

Chinese Koi Fish Painting-Japanese Koi Painting: In Asian  Decor the koi fish paintings bring luck and wealth. Koi paintings represent harmony and balance. All our Chinese oil paintings are hand painted by the original artist.

Size: 36 inches x 24 inches   (91cm x 61cm) 

Medium: Oil on Canvas.   Paintings are shipped unframed

Feng Shui art- Feng Shui painting: Koi fish paintings are the Feng Shui element of Water. Water elements will bring you career fortune








Decorating Feng Shui:  Fengshui literally means "Wind Water". This ancient science originated in China over 3500 years ago. Decorating Feng Shui is used to bring harmony and fortune by harnessing the universal life energy of "Chi", or the "Dragon's Cosmic Breath". Chi brings good fortune to those who are in balance with it and surrounded by it.


This Koi Fish oil painting is Chinese Feng Shui decor.  All our Feng Shui paintings incorporate Chinese Feng Shui colors and Feng Shui symbols that create a balance in the Yin/Yang energies of Chi, bringing harmony, balance, and success.


Japanese koi art and Chinese fish paintings: the koi fish is a symbol for strength and individualism. Koi fish, in Chinese folk lore, are transformed through their efforts and perseverance, able to become dragons. In Chinese culture the Koi painting represents perseverance in the face of adversity and strength of character and purpose.

Koi Fish paintings are appropriate for both home Feng Shui décor and office Feng Shui wealth. Our Feng Shui art is all original and hand painted.

Asian Decor:  Asian paintings and Chinese art use blurred lines, contours disappearing into the mist, and impressionistic forms. In line with Taoist and Buddhist beliefs, Asian art and Asian décor, emphasizes the spiritual qualities of the painting and on the inner harmony of man and nature.

Our Asian Koi painting is a traditional Chinese home décor artwork and is hand painted by Chinese artists.

Size of the painting in room scenes may not be to scale, refer to actual dimensions in the description.

Abstract Oil Paintings:  Modern abstract paintings do not strive to create accurate representations of any form. The abstract painting style takes an object and either simplifies or exaggerates it by altering its color, shape, and form, to attach emotion or other meaning. Abstract art paintings have roots in ancient history showing up in early decorations of textiles and pottery. Contemporary abstract oil paintings encompass the styles of Cubism, Expressionism, and Abstract Expressionism.



Chinese Paintings: The first known Chinese painting dates to 10,000 B.C. The primary pursuit of traditional Chinese art paintings is not to reproduce an exact copy of nature but to grasp an emotion to catch the feel and rhythm of nature.

Traditional Chinese paintings can best be described as “abstract minimalist”, using simple non complicated images that represent real life. All our Chinese artwork is hand painted by Chinese artists.




The painting:


Feng Shui Painting:

36 inches x 24 inches   (91cm x 61cm) 

Oil on Canvas.   Paintings are shipped unframed.

Chinese Koi Painting-Japanese Koi Painting  In Asia the koi fish paintings bring luck and wealth. We use traditional Chinese brush painting techniques.

Feng Shui Koi Fish painting:  Koi fish paintings are the Feng Shui element of Water. Water elements will bring you career fortune





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World wide direct form our China studios. Shipped unframed  inside protective shipping tube.

Standard: 21 day delivery. 

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