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Bamboo Paintings

Bamboo Painting and Feng Shui: A Bamboo Painting activates the flow of positive energy known as Chi, the Universal Life Energy. A Bamboo Painting contains 3 of the 5 Feng Shui Elements Wood, Earth, and Water. This makes it a very potent attractor of positive Chi energy. Bamboo and Bamboo Paintings are used by Feng Shui practitioners to improve the positive flow of energy in people and the environment. A Bamboo Painting in the home or offices will protect the occupants of the house from negative Chi energy.

Bamboo Painting Symbolism: A Bamboo Painting is a symbol of good luck and enhances good fortune, health and prosperity. The Bamboo Painting is a potent Feng Shui symbol for luck and success due to the bamboo’s strength and resilience. Bamboo is flexible yet strong, representing resilience in the face of difficulty. Feng Shui Masters believe Bamboo Paintings will attract good luck, good fortune and prosperity to the home, office and business.