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Cherry Blossom Paintings page 3

Chinese Cherry Blossom: In Asian cultures the Chinese Cherry Blossom is a symbol of perseverance and beauty. The Chinese Cherry Blossom is a symbol of creative power and purity amid adverse surroundings. The Chinese Cherry Blossom acts as a reminder of the miracle life and is said to aid both spiritual and practical understanding of Tao. The Chinese Cherry Blossom is used to bring Feng Shui luck and fortune by harnessing the life energy of "Chi", bringing good fortune..

The Cherry Blossom painting is the symbol of Life and creates a balance in the Yin/Yang energies of Chi, bringing harmony and success. Chinese Cherry Blossoms are often associated with love and are used for relationship and bedroom Feng Shui.

Chinese Cherry Blossom Painting: The Cherry Blossom Painting has a very important place in Asian art and paintings. The Chinese Cherry Blossom Painting is the Feng Shui element of Wood and will bring you wealth luck, health and longevity.  Cherry Blossom Painting is a significant gift during the Chinese New Year, representing fortune blossoming in the coming year. Our Cherry Blossom Paintings are all original and hand painted by Feng Shui Master Yang. Cherry Blossom Paintings page 1 page 2  page 3 page 4