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Feng Shui Artwork.  Our Artwork is based on the principles of Chinese Feng Shui. A belief that the world resonates a universal energy called Chi (Qi), or the “Dragon’s Cosmic Breath”. Feng Shui Artwork uses colors and ancient symbols to generate positive Chi energy and protect against negative Chi energy. Feng Shui Artwork can create positive changes in your home and work environment. According to feng shui principles, when placed in the home or business, Feng Shui Artwork attracts abundance, luck and new opportunities.

Feng Shui, or "wind water", provides the flow of  universal energy. Feng Shui Artwork uses the ancient wind and water principles of Feng Shui to bring harmony to the environment in a way that will attract good luck and wealth for you, your family and your business. Feng Shui Artwork is a powerful tool used to surround yourself with empowering positive energy. Our Feng Shui Artwork is hand painted, oil on canvas, using ancient Chinese brush techniques that give the painting unique dimensional effects. Our Feng Shui Artwork uses the most powerful Feng Shui colors and symbols to maximize the positive effects on your relationships, health, income, and career.