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Our wholesale price allows you a $130+ profit per painting.


Please email us at  for our wholesale price list.

Wholesale Policies

Ÿ   Each painting is: Signed by the Artist and Hand Painted.

Ÿ   100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Ÿ   We can provide all pictures and product descriptions for your online or off line marketing.

Ÿ   We are able to create custom paintings to meet your needs: from our artwork by altering the size, color, shape, etc. We can also make custom paintings to match the other items in your store.

          Paintings can be purchased as framed/stretched ready to hang or unframed/canvas only.

Wholesale How to Purchase

Ÿ  Minimum purchase of 20 paintings any style to receive wholesale prices.

Ÿ  Payments accepted: PayPal/Western Union/Wire transfer/Credit Card. 

Ÿ  To order simply email us your order form (see attached excel sheet). Wholesale prices do not include shipping. We will send you a complete invoice including the shipping costs.

Ÿ  Full deposit requested if order value is less than $3000. Orders over US$3000, 50% deposit, 50% paid when the paintings are ready for delivery.

Wholesale Shipping

Please let us know your preferred shipping method and we will forward you a shipping estimate. Shipping will be billed separately and is not included in the list price. Your order can be shipping by:

Ÿ   Express (delivered directly to your door. Most expensive and fasted delivery approximately 3 weeks).

Ÿ   By Air (delivered to your local airport. You will need to pick them up at the airport).

Ÿ   By Boat (FOB to your nearest port. You will need to pick them up at the port. Least expensive and slowest delivery, approximately 7 weeks)


Our paintings can be purchased framed/stretched, ready to hang or unframed canvas only. Our paintings are framed on an internal wood frame. The painting is stretched over a wood frame so that the frame is not visible. When framed this way your art work will look exactly as pictured in our store.

Gregg Rothrock


E-mail: exotic.arts.gallery@gmail.com