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We offer hand painted oil paintings and Giclee Fine Art Prints, all our paintings are original.

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A truly unique Feng Shui experience;

Original by Chinese Feng Shui Masters.

 Welcome to Fengshui-Painting.com. We are an artist run enterprise in business since 1999. All our Feng Shui paintings are original, one-of-a-kind artworks. Your purchase directly benefits the artists.

  • Signed by the artist    

  • Museum quality, professionally framed

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Our Paintings:

    We offer hand painted oil paintings and Giclee Fine Art Prints, all our paintings are original. All our art is created and by the original artist. We use high grade canvas, oil paints, and premium artist ink. Every painting is by the original artist, for your order. We do not mass produce paintings. This fact is reflected in the quality of the artwork, our guarantee of satisfaction.

     The pictures shown on the website are of the original paintings. Your painting will be a custom made reproduction by the original artists, of the original painting.  We do our paintings this way so you can customize the size, color, shape of our paintings to meet your needs.

Why our paintings are unique:

     Our artist Mr. Yang developed and perfected a unique style of painting. He has transferred ancient Chinese watercolor painting techniques and brushes to the medium of oil paintings. These tools and techniques produce oil paintings with a very unique look and texture that cannot be replicated by other artists.

     Mr. Yang comes from a long line for Feng Shui Masters. Both his grandfather and father were Feng Shui and Chinese Medicine practitioners, and are still highly regarded in their province in Guan Xi, China. For 20 years Mr. Yang has perfected the development of his signature style using his knowledge of Feng Shui and his unique painting technique. These paintings are one of a kind unique artworks that cannot be replicated by other artists.

The difference in quality:

     The difference between our paintings and the fake paintings being sold elsewhere is due to the status and skill of our artists, and the quality of the canvas, paint, and frame. Our artists have a notable reputation in the art community. Our artists have a following of corporate collectors that generally drive up the value of our paintings. There is also a resale market for our paintings among collectors. This means that the collectors buy form us and resell in galleries and art shows in North America, Europe, and Asia. This drives up the value of our paintings.

Factory made verses our handmade paintings:

     There are a lot of items coming from China that are not original artworks and they are not painted by the original artist. They are painted in a factory, where many artists paint certain areas of the artwork. It is an assembly line for art where many artists work on one painting so production is fast and the price is cheap. These factory workers are trained to paint only one area of a panting over and over, all day.

     These mass produced low quality paintings use both inferior canvas and paint in order to keep the cost low. Low quality canvas is thicker and rougher than the high quality canvas and does not allow the true color of the paint to show. The paints used are also of low quality, not as vibrant and will often fade and chip within a year. We do not sell that type of art.

The Guarantee 

100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with the artwork.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase please email us at  .  

We will provide you with one of the following remedies of your choice.

  1. Give you a full refund of the purchase price.

  2. Repaint the artwork and ship it at no cost.

  3. Give you store credit for the amount of the item and shipping.

Please return the item in the same condition as you received it and you will receive a full refund.


How to Purchase

We use PayPal payment system. You can use any credit card with this secure online payment gateway.

This is an eBay company and is very secure. You do not need a Pay Pal account to pay. Any major credit card can be used.

After we receive a payment, we will begin painting your custom artwork.

The painting can be ordered framed or unframed.

Price includes free express shipping to any location worldwide

Please allow 4 weeks for painting and shipping.

Please include your phone number when you order, it is required by the express shipping company incase you are not home when the delivery arrives.


Our framed/stretched, ready to hang oil paintings are framed on an internal wood frame. The painting is stretched over a wood frame so that the frame is not visible. When framed this way your art work will look exactly as pictured in our store.

Framed/Stretched painting front   Framed/Stretched painting back

Unframed paintings will come as canvas only, rolled inside a shipping tube. You will need to have the painting framed/stretched in order to hang it. Any local frame shop can frame for you or you can order a framed/stretched painting from us. Please see framing instructions.



We ship world wide directly from our studios in China and USA.

Hand Painted: Please allow 3-4 weeks for painting and 1 week for shipping.

Giclee Fine Art Prints: Please allow 10 days.

Once we ship your painting we will send you the tacking information so you can track your package online.

Framed/Stretched Paintings will be shipped ready to hang on the wall.

Unframed/Un-stretched Paintings will come as canvas only, rolled inside a protective shipping tube.


Please include your phone number when you order, it is required by the express shipping company incase you are not home when the delivery arrives. If your painting is damaged in shipping please email us at  


 Custom/Commissioned Paintings

We are able to customize any or our paintings to meet your needs. We can alter the size, color, shape, or number of panels for any painting. We can also create a painting from your picture. We will send you an invoice through PayPal so you can easily pay online for your custom painting. We will send you a picture of the painting once completed for your approval. When ordering a custom/commissioned paintings please include the following in an email to  


A picture of our painting or your own photo.

The overall size of the painting and the size of each panel if you are ordering a multi-panel painting.

The colors you want or want to change. It is best to give us a photo of the color you are looking for or a picture of the room you are trying to match the painting with.

Please provide as much detail as you can to insure we create an artwork you will be happy with


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