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Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Artwork represents the arrival of Spring, a period of rebirth and growth. The Cherry Blossom tree is the first to bloom in the spring, representing the urge of living things to fulfill their potential.  The Cherry Blossoms open even before the winter snow has melted, a symbol of Life, and of the joy that comes when living in alignment with what you are meant to be.

Cherry Blossom Artwork has a very important place in Asian art and especially paintings. In Asian cultures Cherry Blossom Artwork is a symbol of perseverance and beauty. Cherry Blossom Artwork is a significant gift to be given during the Chinese New Year, representing fortune blossoming in the coming year.

Cherry Blossom Artwork is the Feng Shui element of Wood. Wood elements will bring you wealth luck, health and longevity and is used to energize positive development. All our Cherry Blossom Artwork is appropriate for both Feng Shui home and office deco and is all original and hand painted by Feng Shui Master Yang.