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Bird Paintings

Chinese Cranes PaintingThe Crane has long been an auspicious symbol in China. The Crane Painting represent longevity in Chinese culture. Wisdom is also associated with the Crane, and in Feng Shui the Chinese Crane painting symbolizes a long life that increases in wisdom. Next to the Phoenix the Crane is the most important bird in Chinese art.

The most famous Chinese Crane paintings depict 100 cranes and represents a long and prosperous life. A Pair of Cranes symbolizes "Long Marriage", as Cranes mate for life. A Pair or 3 Cranes is auspicious for the Feng Shui Bedroom.

The Chinese Crane is said to have an interest in human affairs and it is often associated with good luck. The Crane is believed to be immortal; sometimes called the "heavenly" or "blessed", the death of a Taoist priest is said to be "turning into a feathered Crane".