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Elephant Paintings

Elephant Feng Shui PaintingsElephants have a reputation in Asian culture for attracting wealth. Images of Elephant Feng Shui often adorn the homes and offices as an attractor of good fortune and lucky. Longevity is the main traditional Chinese meaning for the Elephant. Wisdom that comes with age, is an often associated meaning with the Elephant. The Elephant Feng Shui painting symbolizes a long life that increases in wisdom.

The Elephant Feng Shui Painting captures the rhythm and flow of animal life. The Elephant Feng Shui painting is the element of “Earth” and will bring you health and longevity and is used to protect against negative energy. Feng Shui Artwork is used to bring luck and fortune by harnessing the life energy of "Chi". Chi brings good fortune to those who are surrounded by it. All our Elephant Feng Shui Paintings are hand painted original by Master Feng Shui artist Mr. Wang. These paintings are appropriate for both home and office Feng Shui decorating.