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     Chinese Feng Shui is based on a belief in the universal life force of Chi. This Chi energy or “The Dragon’s Cosmic Breath” has negative and positive aspects, known as Yin and Yang. The practice of Chinese Feng Shui strives to balance these positive and negative energies. Chinese Feng Shui works by enhancing and controlling the flow of chi in your environment with the proper placement of good fortune symbols and colors.

     Over 3500 years ago the ancient Chinese conceived of a magical link between mankind and the natural environment and developed Chinese Feng Shui to enhance and harmonize with the environment. Translated, “Feng” is wind and “Shui” is water. Wind and Water provide the flow for the universal energy, Chi. Using the principles of Chinese Feng Shui we can create an environment that is in harmony with nature, allowing easy flow of balanced energy; bringing prosperity, love, health, and wealth.

     Chinese Feng Shui Paintings are one of the most important tools you can use to improve energy harmony – Our Chinese Feng Shui Paintings balance yin and yang energies within the artworks to provide positive energy that works to bring good luck, and opportunities. Our Chinese Feng Shui Paintings use Feng Shui symbols and colors to create a balanced environment, blocking negative energy and attracting positive energy.