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Chinese Cherry Blossom Painting Wall Art Framed Art

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Please allow 3 weeks for painting and shipping.
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Product Description

 Chinese Cherry Blossom Painting Wall Art Framed Art

Original, Hand painted by Feng Shui Master, oil on canvas.  Chinese cherry blossom painting: cherry blossom represents rebirth and is a symbol of Life. The Chinese cherry blossom painting creates a balance in the Yin/Yang energies of Chi, bringing harmony and success. Our Chinese cherry blossom painting incorporate elements for wealth and luck. Chinese cherry blossom painting is for home and office Feng Shui décor. All our Painting are hand painted by Master Yang, meticulously created to capture the beauty of the painting.

Chinese Cherry Blossom Painting Wall Art Framed Art

Total 60in x 24in.  (152cm x 61cm)  Center 36 inches x 24 inches. (91cm x 61 cm).  Side panels 12in x 24in each.

 Framed/Ready to hang 

We can paint any painting in any size. Please email us your requirements.

The pictures shown are of the original painting. Your painting will be a custom made reproduction of the original. Please allow 3 weeks for painting and shipping.

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 Skeptical at first, but very pleastantly surprised. July 28, 2011
By Adam Kobus
Amazon Verified Purchase
I was worried about ordering a $200+ painting from China. Yeah, the reviews were good, but you never know if the reviews are fake or if you can really trust the judgment of a stranger. Reviews are all based on expectations and are totally subjective, but on to the review.

The painting took about three weeks to get to San Diego, CA. I had measured my wall and knew what size i was going to get, so i wasn't too concerned about the size. They tried to deliver it to my condo but i wasn't there. So, the USPS left a note saying it was at the post office. Once i missed the delivery, the seller emailed me twice telling me about it. Once it's at the post office, you have five days to get it before it's shipped back to china.

The shipping package was great. The seller took great care in wrapping it in bubble wrap and put a plastic sheet over the canvas too. Honestly, it took awhile to get all the crap off of the paintings.

Once i took off the plastic wrap, i was super happy about how vibrant it was. It looks like the picture. You can see the brush strokes, and there are bits were the paint has excellent texture. It's a great picture. Included in the package was a 25% coupon for an additional order. That's actually why i came back onto amazon. I was going to look at their other paintings but got side tracked. Anyway, i hope this helps people.

The painting wraps fully around the wooden frame as well. There was one reviewer that mentioned that it didn't.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
 Breathtaking Painting December 18, 2010
By pterri
Amazon Verified Purchase
I love this painting!

First, it arrived at my home packaged with delicate care. I hung it with no issues whatsoever...it is just breathtaking, and really lights up the room. I received so many compliments on it already because its such a rare find. I will definitely be purchasing another one. The quality and detail are exquisite. A truly great deal.
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 Very happy with purchase April 24, 2012
By Margarite
Amazon Verified Purchase
This hand-painted item arrived earlier than anticipated. The seller contacted me via email shortly after I placed the order to ask for my contact information (in case of any delivery problems) and to give me a timeline for the delivery -- very professional of them.
The painting itself is beautiful, and the colors are very vivid. It brings a tranquil feel to the room. The canvas itself is not as thick as I had expected (based on another wrapped canvas piece I ordered in the past) and was in fact almost as thin as a regular painting. We were also pleasantly surprised to find a complimentary flower painting(very beautifully done by the same artist) on what looks like parchment paper. I wish this surprise was a standard size, but we will likely still get a custom frame for it, as we like this piece as well.

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