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Horse Paintings

The Horse painting is an emblem of speed and perseverance and symbolizes strength, courage and the swiftness of life. The horse has long been regarded as a noble animal by the Chinese, is a favorite theme for many Chinese painters.

Chinese horse painting usually depicts the traditional 8 horses of Chinese folk lore.  This is a very famous painting and symbolizes the arrival of good fortune. The Chinese horse painting is most often depicted in full gallop, representing the speedy arrival of your good fortune. The horse is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, the seventh sign of the Chinese zodiac.

Feng Shui horse painting is the Feng Shui element of fire and is full of the Yang energy which intensifies good fortune and brings recognition luck, fame, and respect. The horse painting is also associated with high official status and with the passing from one existence to another and is therefore is great for Feng Shui Career and Feng Shui Office decoration.

All our horse paintings are hand painted. We use traditional Chinese brush painting techniques and modern oil paints and canvas to create truly unique artworks