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Tiger Paintings

Chinese Tiger Painting: The Tiger Painting brings protection from important and powerful people. The Tiger Painting is associated with independence, and long life. The Tiger Painting is used to attract wealth and prosperity and is believed to bring descendant luck (luck for your children and grand children).The Tiger, the third sign of the Chinese zodiac, is thought of as ruler of the beasts on Earth. The Tiger Painting symbolizes courage, optimism, tolerance, and generosity.

The Chinese Tiger Painting is a yang animal and is associated courage, bravery, and dignity. In Feng Shui the Tiger Painting has the power to drive away demons. In ancient China the Tiger was the principle animal god, known as the Guardian Spirit of Agriculture that devours the Drought Demon.

You can place the Tiger Painting in the West and Northwest part of the room or home to intensify its power. Feng Shui practitioners often like to use the Chi of the Tiger Painting by hanging on a wall facing the entrance to drive way "demons" that bring bad luck and misfortune, but this placement is not necessary to benefit from the wealth and prosperity.